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Visitors are welcome to explore a range of contemporary art in a variety of media around the house, as well as the two dedicated exhibition spaces in the upper and lower galleries. Exhibitions change on a monthly basis with previews open to everyone.

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December 2018 - Anthony Day & Brin Edwards

Preview November 28th - Please join us for mulled wine between 6-8pm

Anthony Day - With more in mind

Returning with his popular gouache paintings, Anthony has been our sole annual exhibiting artist since the restaurant and gallery opening in 1968. In this, his 51st show, he returns with a mix of retrospective pieces and new work as recent as May 2018. "Although last winter put a brake on production I still find the studio bracing, always promising better. But this and any future exhibition is likely to be retrospective, taken from bulging portfolios. The earliest shown are from 1979, the latest a single work from May this year, with more in mind."

Brin Edwards - Wildlife Artist & Illustrator

"My interest in birds dates from a childhood spent in Singapore where I was captivated by the colourful tropical species in our back garden. Back in the UK I also recall meeting Peter Scott at the Slimbridge Wildfowl Trust when I was ten years old and his ecouraging words for my likeness of a flamingo in crayons. I have developed a personal and expressive way of depicting the natural world in my oil paintings. This looser and atmospheric approach acts as a kind of antidote to the precision of my illustration work. I am very fortunate to live and work in the beautiful Suffolk countryside and much of the inspiration for my paintings comes from close to home."

November 2018

Preview 31st Oct 6-8pm
1-25th November


Sara Paynter

Sara makes wheel thrown and press moulded domestic pottery in simple utilitarian shapes using traditional English Slipware techniques to decorate. An interest in Japanese decorative styles and Art Deco textiles as well as Nature’s abundant patterns have all driven her changing applications of coloured slips to the clay surface. She uses contrasting areas of sharp division, suggesting a revealing or concealing tidal movement of one surface over another.

Paul Edwards

In their third joint exhibition at The Old Fire Engine House Gallery, Paul’s recent work continues his preoccupation with op-art imagery. New hand pulled silkscreen prints in black and white that challenge the viewer, leading the eye on a dance around the image plus work with opaque and transparent bands of colour creating tensions, resolutions and an overall sense of harmony.



Terence Harjula

Born and bought up in an isolated community in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada, Terence attended Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia aged 17. He entered Vancouver School of Art in 1954 and later, Central School of Art in London. In 1960 Terence went to Mexico to teach mural painting at the Instituto Allende in San Miguel, where he met Mexican artists Siquieros and Cuellar. His family then lived in the wilds of the Sumas Mountains before returning to England. Terence now lives near the sea in Suffolk and is planning a visit to Finland as a descendant of the early Finnish painter, Akseli Gallen- Kallela. Latest work features Porcus Rubicundus & extended family including At home with Phoebe, Porcus Minor 49er, Piggy Galore, What did I do to be so black and pink? & more

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