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Visitors are welcome to explore a range of contemporary art in a variety of media around the house, as well as the two dedicated exhibition spaces in the upper and lower galleries. Exhibitions change on a monthly basis with previews open to everyone.

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Current Exhibitions

Clairew Cockayne - Upper Gallery

I live and work in the Fens in East Anglia. With such beautiful surroundings on my doorstep, natural form is a primary source of inspiration for me. I work intuitively and allow the element of chance to play a key role in my prints whilst I manipulate the process. When a situation hits me strongly, I remember everything about it. When a situation hits me strongly, I remember everything about it. I then try to recapture the place, memory and feelings in drawings and photographs of my surroundings. These images can become more abstract through the process of screenprinting and stitch. I like to work in a free and experimental way, creating images incorporating pattern, still life and natural forms.

Mac Gregory - Lower Gallery

Mac developed his style of stretched landscapes in the 1950's and 1960's, echoing the horizons of the fens and his interest in old, panoramic photography.
On canvas, he revels in the romanticism of flat, open spaces around the Fens and seas around his Lincolnshire home. Mac brings elements together in his studio, creating new landscapes and moods from a vivid palette of colours.

Coming Exhibitions

Preview 3rd Oct 6-8pm, continuing to October 28th.

Caroline Forward

My paintings for this exhibition are about making connections and exploring what lies beyond the surface through portraiture and abstract paintings. The portraits celebrate the success of 50 years of the Old Fire Engine House. The abstract paintings are inspired by landscape and the natural world in the Fens and further afield.

Peter Corr

All creative activity is a form of exploration. As artists we explore our thoughts, ideas and feelings about the world through the manipulation of materials. My central subject matter has always been landscape and the natural environment. I see painting as process of translation and simplification; I believe that all images are essentially abstractions, no matter how closely they appear to replicate reality. My photographic work follows a similar approach, although the mechanics of the camera and the information gathering potential of the lens impose a very different form of translation.

Paul Janssens

Destinations inspire me to work in different ways by experimenting with paint techniques including sgraffito, collage, screen-print and mixed media on wood, paper and canvas. With some of my recent work I have been exploring the bustle and frenetic energy of Moroccan markets and busy cities including London.

Afghan Lives by Alex Alexander

In the late 1970’s, during years of instability and civil war, Alex Alexander lived in Kabul, working and travelling extensively throughout Afghanistan. These paintings are his reminiscences of that period and speak of a life lost from a country whose harsh beauty and people he grew to love and admire.

Gallery opening times
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Closed Bank Holidays

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