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Anthony Day & Richard Neal

Preview 30th November 6-8pm, all welcome


Celebrating his 95 birthday and 50th show with us this year, Anthony Day returns to The Old Fire Engine with his inspired landscape paintings of the East Anglian Fens.

Richard Neal combines strong watercolours and a wry sense of humour to produce large, striking paintings which depict the life, landscape and characters of the Cambridgeshire Fens and local area.

3rd - 26th November 2017

Lilias August - Horizons (Paintings)

A member of the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colour (RI) and has lived in East Anglia for thirty years. She has always admired the wide-open landscape of the fens and its flat horizons.

"The flat horizon is constantly in front of you. Towards it and on it things stand out like props on a stage and catch the eye. After many years of still life painting, this exhibition has been an opportunity for me to revisit this landscape, perhaps with a different eye."

Heidi Lichterman - Wearable Art, Scarves and Shawls

A Fellow of the Society of Designer Craftsmen, Heidi has been weaving in silk since 1977;

"I love the way it feels and the way it takes the dye, allowing me to create very subtle colour blending as well as sharp contrasts using the Ikat dyeing method. The colours are my reaction to the weather, seasons, moods of the landscape. I try to catch the hedgerows in the shawls; the East Anglian skies in the scarves. The short fibre silk noil from the innermost part of the silk cocoon weaves into a lovely, soft, warm shawl. The shinier, spun silk that I weave as a twill for the scarves, gives a luxurious feel, weight and drape."

Preview 2nd November 6-8pm, all welcome

Continuing in The Sitting Room, November 2017

Michael Randall (1947-2000) – In The Moment

A painter of light who could capture a fleeting moment of action on canvas, infusing it with emotion that never slid into sentimentality. He made Cambridgeshire his home although Southampton born and bred. He studied at Southampton Art College and the Royal Academy Schools where he developed impressive life drawing skills. He believed that the finest art was based on traditional skills of drawing, composition and understanding colour.

Kate King, Diana Kazemi, Cathy Parker & Michael Randall

Preview Thurs 5th October 6-8pm, all welcome.
Exhibition continues 6 – 29th October 2017

Kate King is a painter and photographer, using mainly oils in semi-abstract and abstract works painted on wood and canvas.

Diana Kazemi is a potter working with both stoneware and porcelain clays in a range of textures and glazes.

Cathy Parker is inspired by the natural world, especially trees producing semi-abstract works in oils, acrylics and watercolours.

Michael Randall is a Cambridgeshire based artist, Michael Randall believed that the finest art was based on traditional skills of drawing, composition and understanding colour.

He was a painter of light who could capture a fleeting moment of action on canvas, infusing it with emotion that never slid into sentimentality.


12th July – 3rd September 2017

The Old Fire Engine House Summer Exhibition

A summer exhibition featuring new and old works by artists including:

  • Anthony Day
  • Julia Ball
  • Terry Beard
  • Ruth Beloe
  • Simon Beer
  • Robin Boyd
  • Roger Coleman
  • Michael Edwards
  • Helena Gardner
  • Mark Handley
  • Terence Harjula
  • Susan Horsfield
  • Barrie Houghton
  • Andrew Houston
  • Manuela Hubner
  • Noel Myles
  • Sylvia Paul
  • John Preston
  • Malcolm Ryan
  • Richard Sell
  • Gareth Watson

Christopher Witchall

Land, Sea & Sky - An exhibition of realist paintings.

The paintings have all been produced over the last year and feature landscapes and seascapes as the main subject, often with a dominant sky. Christopher Witchall's landscapes capture the light, open spaces and vast skies of the Cambridgeshire fens, where he has lived, explored, painted and photographed for 30 years. The seascapes have a similar intention and, regardless of location, take the same view of looking straight out to sea. In both the landscapes and seascapes the horizon plays a vital role in the composition.

Christopher Witchall

Christopher Witchall

Christopher Witchall

Marina Yedigaroff

Marina Yedigaroff is a mood affected colourist who concentrates her attention on the natural world painting murals, fabrics, furniture, small wooden bowls and boxes, ‘If it has a surface I can paint it.’ Marina has exhibited at the Mall Galleries in London, at the Society of Woman Artists , the Society of Watercolour and regularly at the Old Fire Engine House since 1985.

Marina Yedigaroff

Helena Greene

Water and Sky - Fenland Landscapes

These new paintings have been made over the last two years. They combine my love of colour and my experimental use of materials. This exhibition includes watercolour sketches, collage, oil painting and acrylic. The work comes from the relationship to a place and the mood it evokes in me. Most of the paintings and the landscapes were made after a visit to the Cyclades Islands in Greece

Renos Loizou 1948 - 2013

A memorial exhibition

Cambridge painter Renos Loizou was hailed as “one of the most exciting artists of the new generation” with his work selling in leading London galleries and public and corporate collections all around the world. His work explodes with colour and life, ranging from complex Mediterranean landscapes (from his travels to Andalusia) to classical figures and humorous Angels and Goddesses. Although he was better known for his landscapes and nudes, one of his final pieces, The Triptych, will be featured in this exhibition, which acts as a tribute to a much admired artist.

Loizou’s work was influenced by many important painters which he revered like El Greco and Picasso to Matisse and Kandinsky, but his style was always his own. Born in Cyprus in 1948, Renos came to England with his family in 1955 and lived in Cambridge for most of his adult life. Renos Loizou died in June 2013.

This May his family are holding a posthumous show in his memory, highlighting his success and showing some striking last pieces for the very first time.

lizzie madder

Water and Sky - Fenland Landscapes


Sonia Lewis

Peter Cavaciuti

Sonia & Peter

Lyz Gardner -

Katrina Wilkie -

Jeremy Peake -

Julie Baker -

Double Vision Reflectionson the landscape | Valerie and Tom Sims

Husband and wife artists Tom and Valerie Sims work from their home studio in Ely. Valerie creates handmade black and white woodcuts whilst Tom paints in an Impressionist style using mixed media on canvas. They both use the landscape as their inspiration and source material but each perceive and portray it in their own way.


Robin Boyd born in Norfolk 1940. Studied art in Cambridge, also briefly at Hornsey and at Reigate School of Art, culminating in a Diploma in Fine Art, painting at the West Surrey College of Art.

A prize-winner of the Alce Isigonis student award. Winner of the 1988 Eastern Open major painting prize and joint winner of the watercolour prize 1989. Has exhibited at most of the major galleries in East Anglia: The Minories Colchester, Kettles Yard Cambridge, Gainsborough's House Sudbury and the Fermoy Arts Centre as well as a number of smaller galleries in the region.

Best known for landscape and coastal works from Spain, Cornwall, the western Isles of Scotland and Pembrokeshire, East Anglian landscapes and a number of still life and less conventional abstractions.

When they were young

Anthony Day & Brin Edwards

an East Anglian retrospective

Geoffrey Lefever - Bellegarde Provence

Charles Duranty - Essex Marshes

Nicholas Barnham - Ickleton

An exhibition of East Anglian landscapes by three of the region’s most original and distinctive artists. More than 40 years ago these paintings were acquired by an eccentric collector, stashed away and all but forgotten. "Exhibited for the first time earlier this year, these remarkable landscapes are now going on show at the very same gallery where two of the the artists, still very active, began their careers nearly half a century ago."

For more information visit

Showing in the upstairs gallery:

Penelope Williams

Rebecca Harvey

Terence Harjula & Thelma Chambers

At The Old Fire Engine House, Ely

7th - 30th October

6.00-8.00pm Thursday 6th October

Midnight Birds by Terence Harjula

Lutton Marsh

New to the Old Fire Engine House, Thelma's new work is inspired by Ely and the Fens.

View more
View more by Thelma

Terry Beard

View website

Stephen Murfitt

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Frances Hatch and Andy English will each give an informal talk about their work, from 7pm.

FRANCES HATCH - Made With Norfolk

new paintings made earlier this year in and around Hunstanton and Titchwell


ANDY ENGLISH - Wood Engraver / Printmaker / Illustrator

original prints with handcoloured engravings commissioned by the Royal Mail


Please note the exhibition will continue throughout August


10th June – 3rd July 2016 | Private View Thursday 9th June 6.00 - 8.00pm

















































As happy as the birds in spring
Season of the Blue Butterflies
David Remfry RA

















































A quote from William Blake inspiring over 60 of our favourite artists, including:

Mick Abbott . Tom Anderson . Derek & Margot Andrews . Lotte Attwood . Julia Ball . Bob Banks Nicholas Barnham . Terry Beard . Ruth Blundell . Althea Braithwaite . Claire Cockayne . Roger Coleman . Anthony Day . Anthony de Jong Cleyndert . Brin Edwards . Michael Edwards . Andy English . Shirley Felts . Antonia Galloway . Lyz Gardner . Michael Gillespie . Melanie Goemans . Kate Green Helena Greene . Amanda Hall . Mark Handley . Terence Harjula . Rebecca Harvey . Emily Haysom . Julia Hedgecoe . Helen Herbert . Susan Horsfield . Barrie Houghton . Andrew Houston . Manuela Hübner . Elizabeth Ikin . Joan Jeans . Tom Karen . Francoise LeGrand . Sonia Lewis . Renos Loizou . Amanda MacPhail . Lizzie Madder . Paul Margiotta . Geoff Marsters . Melanie Max Barbara McGirr . Angela Mellor . John Miles . Jeremy Mulvey . Stephen Murfitt . Rika Newcombe Jeremy Nicholls . Valerie Orchard . Cathy Parker . Roger Phillippo . Janene Pike . Sally Reilly . David Remfry RA . Jenny Sanders . Richard Sell . Carol Sinclair . Devi Singh . Munni Srivastava . Isobel Stemp . Robin Stemp . Peer Towers . Lizanne Van Essen . Gareth Watson . Katrina Wilkie . David Wood . Marina Yedigaroff

Work will be displayed in all rooms and if appropriate in the garden.

Artist, Manuela Hübner, talks to MAC TV about her current exhibition at The Old Fire Engine House. (6 mins 45 secs in)

Two exciting new artists are coming to The Old Fire Engine House

Preview Evening 6pm – 8pm Thursday 5th May with live music and wine
"An evening of zesty art with French chansons performed live by Huguette and Peter Britton". ALL WELCOME

The Things We Do- Slices of Life Served Up in Mixed Media
by Manuela Hübner

image coming soon

By Claire Cockayne

image coming soon

Exhibition runs until Sunday 29th May

You are invited to the opening of Light Watch

Photographs - Robin Stemp

Paintings - Isobel Stemp

Thursday 31st March 2016
6pm – 8pm

Exhibition continues from 1st April – 1st May

image coming soon

Still Life with Recorder| Photograph by Robin Stemp

image coming soon

Clouds | Acrylic by Isobel Stemp


image coming soon

Anthony de Jong Cleyndert
Peer Towers
Sara Towers

Julia Ball

Upstairs Gallery - all welcome

image coming soon

A retro-spective

Anthony Day

image coming soon

48th Exhibition of paintings by ANTHONY DAY

Richard Neal

image coming soon

Mick Abbott


Mick Abbott

Ruth Beloe


Ruth Beloe

Charlotte Harvey

Ancient Fields


Shirley Felts

New watercolours


Barbara McGirr

Collage and watercolours

Barbara McGirr

Melanie Max

New and recent paintings


Melanie Max